• Kennesaw Campus: Mailboxes are located in each community and there is one mailbox per apartment (you will share one mailbox with your roommates). Residents do not need a mailbox key to receive packages at our UVS and ARC Office desks.

    KSU Place mailboxes are near A building for buildings A-G and near the volleyball court for buildings 100-400.

    Austin Residence Complex mailboxes are located near the bottom entrance to Town Hall for buildings 100-1100 and near the multipurpose room in the 1200 building for buildings 1200-1400.

    University Village mailboxes are located in the lobby/terrace of your specific building (note: 5000 building mailboxes are located in the 2000 building).

    University Village Suites are located on the 1st floor of each building near the main entrance.

    If you have a package that is too large to fit in your mailbox, it will be stored at the University Village Suites desk for KSU Place, Village and Village Suites and ARC Town Hall for ARC residents. You can come pick it up during office hours. Please make sure to have a picture ID with you. Residents do not need a mailbox key to receive packages.

    Marietta Campus: Mail & Packages are handled through KSU. Please visit the University Post Office on the Marietta Campus to receive your mailbox key and mailing address.

  • Austin Residence Complex
    125 Marietta Dr NW
    Apartment #______
    Kennesaw, GA 30144

    KSU Place
    1175 Idlewood Ave NW
    Apartment #______
    Kennesaw, GA 30144

    University Village
    1074 Canton Pl NW
    Apartment #______
    Kennesaw, GA 30144

    University Village Suites
    1074 Canton Pl NW
    Apartment #______
    Kennesaw, GA 30144

    Marietta Campus
    1100 South Marietta Parkway
    Apartment #______
    Marietta, GA 30060



  • We provide cable in every bedroom on campus, just bring your own coaxial cable to hook up your television.

    Channel Guide List:

  • How to connect to Wifi:

    Internet Usage Agreement

    Contact IT:

    Phone Number: 470-578-5483 to open a work order


    The Residence Hall Association (RHA) through the Department of Housing and Residence Life runs the Care Package and Linens program. RHA’s Kennesaw office is located in the University Village 1000 building on the 2nd floor. Their Marietta office is located in Courtyard 1st floor study room. You can contact them at

    Care Packages: Parents of first-year students living on campus are mailed an order form for care packages and can place an order via the form or on the website. Parents of upper-class students can order online at the link above as well. Care packages are then delivered to RHA at KSU and RHA then delivers the care packages to the residents. RHA attempts to make the delivery, but does not always make contact. At that time RHA then attempts to contact the student via KSU email and by phone. If you have questions about a care package please contact us, but we may refer you to call Our Campus Market (OCM) at 1-866-847-7365.

    Linens and more: Parents and students can order linens and other items via the Residence Hall Linens website. These items will get shipped to the home address listed prior to coming to campus.