Move Out

Thanks for choosing Housing and Residence Life at Kennesaw State; we hoped you enjoyed life on campus! Please make note of the important information below:

Moving out is easy. Please read the information below:

  1. Focus on your finals. Do your best to study hard and finish the term strong. In between studying for exams, you should begin packing your room and cleaning your space.

  2. Pack and clean your room. When you are ready to check out, your room must be clean and completely empty of all your belongings. After you remove all your belongings, please make sure to lock your bedroom door behind you.

  3. Check out. When you are ready to check out just come visit us in your community’s office. We will take possession of your room key and you will be on your way. Our staff will be conducting check-out assessments of your rooms after you leave. If you receive any charges you will be notified and will have the right to appeal.

Please remember to talk to your roommates about your move-out plans to decide who will be responsible for cleaning common area spaces (bathrooms, sinks, cabinets, etc.). If you have any questions, please contact our office at 470-578-5483 or