Living-Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) at KSU establish a greater connection and engagement in the on-campus housing experience and connect to the academic mission. Programs for these communities are specifically designed to create an in-depth experience for students, that engages them in the greater campus community and connects to the classroom.

  • Academy logoLocation: University Village Suites

    Contact: Sarah Wyatt, Academic and Social Advisor

    Requires approval from the Academy for Inclusive Learning and Social Growth (WellStar College of Health and Human Services) to reside in the community.

    The Academy for Inclusive Learning is a 2-year college experience allowing students with intellectual or developmental disabilities, who do not meet the university requirements for admission, to learn beside degree seeking students, and live in the residence halls at the same time. You can find more about the program here.

  • Architecture logo

    Location: Hornet Village 200 - 2nd Floor

    The architecture community is designed as an opportunity for students enrolled in the architecture program to live, learn, and work together through their first-year experience. First-year student architecture majors are provided a supportive environment in which to engage other architecture students and build relationships, promoting their success in the architecture program at Kennesaw State.

  • Arts logoLocation: University Village 1000 Building - 2nd floor.

    Contact: Christine Collins, Advising and retention for COTA Students (ARCS)

    Requires approval from the College of the Arts to reside in the community.

    Are you planning to major in art, art education, art history, dance, music, music education, or theatre? Do you want to live with other students who share similar goals, passions, and interests? If so, the Arts Living-Learning Community is for you! Located conveniently close to the Arts District on the Kennesaw Campus, the Arts Living-Learning Community is designed to nourish and inspire a diverse group of artists and scholars from all of the visual and performing arts disciplines. As a resident, you will interact on a daily basis with students across the College of the Arts, allowing for a creative interchange of ideas, experiences, and inquiry. In addition, you will have access to programming, performances and exhibitions both on and off campus to enrich your life as an artist/scholar. The Arts Living-Learning Community is an ideal place to make friends, spark your creativity, and actively engage in an artistic lifestyle.

  • Engineering logoLocation: Hornet Village Building 200 - 1st floor.

    The Engineering Community offers first-year students enrolled in an engineering major a living environment that enhances their connection with the Engineering program at Kennesaw State University, in an engaged social setting. Students who choose the Engineering community have opportunities to connect with faculty and alumnae in the field of engineering, and proximity to peers for forming study groups. 

  • First gen logoLocation: University Village Suites 3000 Building - 3rd Floor.

    Contact: Danelle Dyckoff Stelzriede, Assistant Director, Learning Communities Program

    The first-generation community is one of our newest communities, designed to specifically meet the needs of first-year, first-generation students. The program is developed to provide a supportive environment for these students to engage with the campus community and their peers while they learn how to navigate the college experience at Kennesaw State.

  • Gaming logoLocation: Hornet Village Building 100 - 1st floor.

    Open to first-year and returning students, this community provides opportunities for those who share common interests in game design and gaming. Students will have a chance to interact with faculty and staff on campus. Our goal is to support our gaming students on campus by providing them opportunities to socialize, while also offering them off-campus trips to get them out of their room! Examples of what our Gaming community has done in the past: Attend SEIGE gaming conference, weekly gaming tournaments (Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Yugioh, Pokemon, etc.), and Dave and Busters game night. 

  • Honors logoLocations: Austin Residence Complex 200 (First-Year Students) and 400 (Upper-Class Students) in Kennesaw and Hornet Village 100 Building - Terrace Level in Marietta.

    Contact: Kathryn Wilhite, Academic Program Specialist

    Requires approval from the Honors College to reside in the community. Students who indicate interest on their housing application will be forwarded to Kathryn Wilhite for approval.

    When you decide to live in the Honors Living-Learning Community at Kennesaw State, you are choosing to live in a community of dedicated scholars, just like yourself. The Honors community is a collaborative effort between the Honors College and the Department of Housing and Residence Life. By residing in this living-learning environment, students are able to live with others who thrive on an academically rigorous curriculum. While living together, residents are able to share similar experiences and rely on each other for academic and personal support. Both first-year and upper-class students are able to live in the Honors community. In the Honors community, our residence halls are truly an extension of the classroom with a dedicated space to study and interact in the building.

  • Leadership logoLocation: University Village Suites 3000 Building - 4th Floor.

    Contact: Karen Boettler, Assistant Director of Leadership Development Programs and Shae Smith, Academic Manager for The Thrive Program.

    Interested in what it takes to be a leader? Want to have an opportunity to practice and develop leadership skills? The Leadership Living Learning Community is designed as an opportunity for first-year students to become connected with peers through the development of leadership skills and service to the community. A collaboration between the Center for Student Leadership, The Thrive Program, along with Housing and Residence Life, this community helps students to develop a sense of how they can contribute to their personal community while participating in service that connects to greater global issues of concern.
  • Outdoor logoLocation: Hornet Village Building 100 - 2nd Floor.

    The students who participate in this community participate in an active lifestyle. Residents work alongside staff members to engage in community activities that help them to develop both individually and as a group. Examples of what the adventure community did in the past: camping trip at Red Top Mountain, hiking around Lake Allatoona, indoor rock-climbing and tubing down the Chattahoochee! Even if you have never done any of these activities, if you are willing to try something new, this community is for you!

  • Sophomore Exp logoLocation: KSU Place G Building.

    A new community, the sophomore experience is designed to specifically meet the needs of second-year students, particularly, those who could use some extra academic support. The program is developed as a support system to help students in their second year, develop skills in goal setting, utilizing resources, and personal exploration that will help them succeed during their second year at Kennesaw State. 

  • Stonewall logoLocation: Contact community administrator below for location information.

    Contact: Jessica Duvall, Assistant Director of Multicultural Student Affairs for Gender & Sexuality Programs

    Requires approval from the LGBTQ Resource Center to reside in the community; please contact Jessica Duvall regarding the process to live in the community. Students who indicate interest on their housing application will be forwarded to Jessica for approval.

    The Stonewall community is a gender inclusive housing community specifically geared toward students of all sexual orientations, genders, gender identities, and gender expressions who want to live in a community celebrating their various identities and foster understanding, learning, and community

  • Outfit logoLocation: Contact community administrator below for location information.

    Contact: Michael Polacek, Program Coordinator

    Requires approval from the Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery to reside in the community; please contact Michael Polaceck regarding the process to live in the community. Students must contact Michael to apply.

    The Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery's, Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC), has established The Outfit, as a roommate matching service, for students who are in recovery and wish to join the CRC. To be considered for housing in The Outfit, students must apply, interview and be accepted to the CRC, have been in recovery for at least one year and sign the CRC housing commitment contract. Students applying to be a part of The Outfit should be committed to the principles of recovery, possess strong ethical responsibility and be dedicated to growing in their recovery and academics.

Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing (SIH) is available for student groups who require specific housing arrangements as part of their involvement with Kennesaw State University.

  • In conjunction with the Department of Athletics, Housing and Residence Life offers priority housing options for athletes throughout Austin Residence Complex. The student athletes must be approved by Athletics in order to live in these designated spaces.

  • Location: Austin Residence Complex 1300 Building.

    Requires approval from the Division of Global Affairs to reside in the community.

    E.R.G.O. is a community in which students can live together and celebrate the differences in cultures and origins. International students as well as students looking to study abroad or wanting to have a unique experience through programming and engagement may want to live here and dive into a global living learning opportunity.

  • In conjunction with the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Housing and Residence Life offers housing options for fraternities at KSU. Located on the Marietta campus, this housing option is within the Columns community, where each organization that signs an agreement is assigned a house.

  • In conjunction with Graduate Studies, Housing and Residence Life offers priority housing options for graduate students. These students must be approved by Graduate Studies.

  • In conjunction with the Department of Music, Housing and Residence Life offers early move-in for members of the KSU marching band. The students in marching band must be approved by the Department of Music.

  • Location: Austin Residence Complex 1400 Building and Courtyard.

    Housing and Residence Life offers Veterans a place to live together and share in the experience together while have resources at their fingertips with a partnership with the Veteran’s Resource Center.

If you are interested in collaborting with Housing and Residence Life to create a community, please contact us at