Housing Availability and Waitlists

2019-20 Waitlist Availability information

The following communities are currently on the 2019–20 Housing Waitlist:

Kennesaw Campus

  • Female First-Year Students
  • Female Upper Class Students
  • Male First-Year Students
  • Male Upper Class Students

Marietta Campus

  • Female Upper Class Students
  • Male Upper Class Students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • A. No, students place themselves on the waitlist as an individual applicant. Similarly, your time ticket does not impact your placement on the waitlist. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist, we recommend you do so through the Housing Portal as soon as your Phase Three time ticket begins. 

  • A. You will be notified through to your KSU student email address. We will also be calling you to notify you if we do not receive a timely response. Please be actively checking your email as offers will expire. There will eventually be a cap on the waitlist. 

  • A. No, you cannot have both a room reserved and be on the waitlist.

  • A. No, the application fee is non-refundable and does not work as a deposit. 

  • A. No, the waitlist is not based on specific buildings, but instead on residential populations (i.e. Kennesaw Female First Year, or Marietta Male Upper Class). When you add yourself to a waitlist, you are adding yourself to the list of students within that population that are also seeking housing.

  • A. You must wait until your time ticket opens to add yourself to the waitlist. The waitlist will only open once there are no beds available in any of our on-campus housing units. 

  • A. If you have completed Phase One of the housing application, you are held to the housing agreement that you signed during this phase, including any cancellation fees that may apply if you decide to cancel your agreement.