Parents: Five Reasons to Encourage Your Student to Live On Campus

When your child started showing interest in riding a bike, you didn’t stick them on 10-speed and wish them luck, right? Of course not. Training wheels support the child as they learn and give them a taste of the real deal until they build enough confidence to attempt riding the bike without them. Living on campus during their first-year of college is a lot like training wheels. It allows a young adult a transitional period in an environment that supports, encourages, and educates them.

You may be thinking, "We live close enough to campus, my student can just stay home and commute the first year." That may be true, but wouldn’t you prefer to send them on a journey with training wheels now rather than wait and let them navigate a sink-or-swim scenario later?

If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons your student should live on campus.

1. New friends
 Make new friends in college.


You may like your child’s high school friends, and that’s great, but college presents an excellent opportunity to make lifelong friends and relationships. It’s no surprise that commuter students have a harder time with this since it’s hard to make friends during class time and once home, it’s really tough to convince yourself to go back to campus for an event. Living on campus gives students an opportunity to walk into class and already recognize a face or two from the residential communities. Moreover, roommates can help each other navigate the new world of college.

2. Skip the commuting drama

Avoid traffic when driving on campus.


Atlanta traffic. Enough said. Professors will only tolerate that as an excuse so many times. Your student can avoid delays and frustration, reduce their car maintenance costs, and lower their gas consumption. They don’t even need a car if they live on campus—the Big Owl Bus offers convenient routes around and between campuses and even has a route to nearby shopping destinations on weekends.

3. Better grades

Students who live on campus typically earn higher grades.


When students live on campus, they are living with peers who are often taking the same classes, meaning they have a built-in academic support system. If your student lives at home, you’re going to be the one they come to for help. You thought that middle school math was hard.

4. More likely to graduate

Students who live on campus are more likely to graduate.


Residents are more likely to be socially connected and academically supported when living on campus. Plus, studies have proven that students who live on campus are more likely to graduate.

5. Jumpstart the college experience.

Making the most of your college experience.


A college experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s a time when students are given a little room to explore who they are and make their own choices in a supportive environment. Living on campus mitigates some of the risks for them and prepares them for the time they decide to go out on their own. 

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