Five Types of First-Year Parents

1. The Veteran

The Veteran

The Veteran has been there and done that. This isn’t the first child they have sent off to college. They know what to do and keeps things calm and casual. You’ll probably catch this parent telling the other parents, "They’ll be fine." Veterans have done the orientations and the move-in days for previous children, so they know a thing or two. They’ll be the ones with their own dollies and hand trucks on Move-In Day, and their students will be the first settled into their new room because these parents know exactly what to pack, what to leave at home, and how to set the room up for optimum study time.


2. The Disbeliever

Parent Type v4
This parent is still in disbelief that their baby has grown up. It seems just like yesterday they were changing their student’s diapers! You may be this parent if you start every conversation with, "Can you believe…," "It was only yesterday that…," and "How are they already…" This type of parent is also known to shed a tear or two on the exciting days like Ignition and Move-In Day. Don’t worry if you are a Disbeliever; we’ll bring the tissues.



3. The Researcher

Parent Type 5
The square acreage of campus, the number of admitted students, President Whitten’s middle name—nothing slips by the Researcher. This parent is a great person to sit next to during Ignition if you have questions because they have done their research and know everything there is to know about Meal Plans and KSU’s bookstore. Did you know that our bookstore offers digital and used book options as well as textbook rentals to help your student save money? Also, they have the best selection of KSU gifts and apparel in town!


4. The Worrier

The disbeliever
If you’re in need of hand sanitizer, the Worrier probably has you covered. The Worrier is not afraid to ask questions and wants to know if the food at The Commons is organic and how often tornado drills are practiced. If this is you, remain calm! Our Talon One Service Center staff can help ease your worries and answer your questions so that you can relax.




5. The Lawnmower

Parent Type 3
Lawnmower parents know the first year can be difficult and will mow down any obstacle in front of their student that may cause a challenge, struggle or discomfort. Is this you? Remember that these are opportunities for you to help your student problem solve on their own. Give them advice and guidance, but let them learn to navigate issues themselves.



Not every parent falls within one of the above types; some parents are a mix. The biggest thing to realize is that your student is about to embark on an amazing journey and know that you have prepared them well up to this point. Focus on encouraging, supporting and loving your first-year student during this exciting time. Need help preparing for this big change? Check out these five tips.

Have you joined the Parent Family Association yet? Their Parent Portal is a great way to support your student by staying updated and connected. The Parent Portal has excellent content for parents, and you can request a FERPA waiver to allow your student’s information to be shared with you, such as class schedule, disciplinary sanctions, grade information, account balance/payments due, financial aid information and holds on their account.