Five Ways to Prepare Your Student for College

1. Help Your Student Out There


Encourage your student to attend class, join organizations and clubs, make friends and get to know their professors. The first week of school is packed with programs and resource fairs to help your student acclimate to campus life and begin making new friends. Be sure that your student is aware of the resources available at KSU and remind your student to use them.





2. Haven't Heard From Your Student? Don't Panic!

Student 2

The first year of college is an exciting time, and a lot is happening on campus. Find the Welcome Week Calendar of events at and encourage your student to attend. Don’t panic if you don’t hear from your student much in the first few weeks. It’s important for your student to connect to their new community, so try not to take it too personally if you don’t hear a lot from them.





3. Help Them Problem Solve, But Don't Do It for Them

Help them but don't do it for them.
When your student does decide to call you, it will probably be for help with something. Listen, but try not to fix the problem for them. The first year of college is a leap into adulthood, and it’s important for students to learn how to manage things for themselves. Talk through the concern with your student and help them come up with their own solutions for solving those problems using the resources available at KSU. Encourage them to speak with the professor directly about an issue with their grade. If your student is facing a conflict with their roommate, encourage them to talk to their roommate face-to-face, not over text message or post-it notes. If they aren’t confident about facing a confrontation, their RA is trained to help them with the situation. Remind them that they are capable of tackling this challenge on their own. This will help them become a more well-rounded young adult.



4. What to Do if They Want to Leave

What to do if they want to leave college.
While fun and exciting, the first year of college can become overwhelming. It’s a big change! Emotions can run high, and your student may call you and ask to leave the University. Try your best to remain calm and talk them through it, even if you want to jump in the car and bring them home. KSU has plenty of resources on campus to help your student get through the challenges that come with being a college student. There are tutoring centers on campus if your student needs extra homework help after hours; Counseling and Psychological Services is there for your student to discuss their stress levels and overall mental wellbeing; and Student Health Services and Health Promotion and Wellness are there to help your student take good care of themselves.



5. Listen

Be a good listener when things are hard and be the first to celebrate your student’s successes. Sometimes your student just needs to know you’re still there for them.