Seven Ways to Live Green at KSU

1. Live the tiny house life in Howell Hall

Live the tiny house life at Howell Hall.


Just as motorcycles are more earth-friendly than large SUVs, smaller homes mean a smaller footprint. Howell Hall is a beloved residence hall at the Marietta Campus that can provide you with a traditional college experience while living sustainably. Howell Hall hosts traditional rooms with two beds in each room and a community restroom on each floor. These smaller rooms demand less energy consumption, meaning you leave a smaller carbon footprint behind.

2. Purchase a reusable water bottle

Reusable bottle.


While it may only take a few minutes to consume the water in it, disposable water bottles stick around for thousands of years. Reusable water bottles save the environment and save you money over time. Both of KSU’s campuses have easy-to-find water fountains that make filling up reusable water bottles easy and convenient. Check out these options at KSU’s bookstore!

3. Sign Up for the Farm Basket

Buy local.


University Dining’s Farm Baskets include 100% local produce, delivered directly to campus to save you a trip to the store and the farm. We’ve partnered with Forerunner Foods, a local produce distributor located in Woodstock, GA, to provide an ten-week subscription program featuring locally grown produce. All Farm Basket produce is grown and harvested exclusively in the state of Georgia.


4. Ditch your car and ride the Big Owl Bus or rent a bike

Ride the Big Owl Bus.


Each Big Owl Bus shuttle is ADA compliant, climate controlled and features bike racks and WiFi. Shuttle service is provided on and between both campuses, to KSU events and shopping destinations. There is never any charge when you ride the bus; your student fees cover the cost. You can save time by tracking the Big Owl Bus at, so you’ll always know when the next bus is coming.

There are also seven Zagster bike-share stations around the Marietta Campus. The first hour every day is free; after the first hour, you pay a small hourly rate to ride one of the Zagster cruiser bikes. These are a great option for getting from one side of campus to the other in a flash.


5. Skip the desktop and use a laptop

Use your laptop and mobile electronics.


Laptops and tablets use less energy than desktop computers. Be sure to use the device’s energy-saving settings. In need of a laptop? OwlTEC has you covered for all of the latest and greatest technology must-haves. 

6. UnplugUnplug your electronics when you're not using them.


Your chargers, hair dryers, and microwaves are sucking up power even when they are not in use. Be sure to unplug them between uses to conserve energy.


7. Lose the Aerosol; Get a plant!

Get a plant.




Eliminate the indoor air pollutants and toxic compounds found in standard aerosol spray and improve the air quality in your new home by getting one of these easy-to-care-for houseplants that will help your place stay nice and fresh. Garden Mums, Dracaena and Aloe Vera are just a few of several different kinds of plants you can find in most nurseries. Find more suggestions here!