Ten Apps Every College Student Needs

The life of a college student can get a little hectic. Thanks to technology, you can minimize the struggle with a simple tap of the finger! Here are ten apps that are sure to make your college life at Kennesaw State University a little easier.


1. LiveSafe

Download the LiveSafe app to stay safe on campus.

This app enables users to share information directly with University Police at KSU—anonymously if they prefer—about anything from suspicious activity and mental health concerns to sexual assault and interpersonal violence. All communication is done through smartphones, facilitating two-way communication between students and on-campus police officers. Students can even request a safety officer to escort them on their walk home from class. 

Download LiveSafe from the App Store.
Download the LiveSafe app from Google Play.


2. Big Owl Bus Tracker

Track the Big Owl Bus online.
Save time by riding the Big Owl Bus instead of commuting between campuses. Visit bigowlbus.kennesaw.edu to track the Big Owl Bus either online or through a downloadable app. View routes, follow the bus in real time, get an arrival prediction and be alerted when it’s within a certain proximity from you. We take the guesswork out of riding the Big Owl Bus.
Download the Big Owl Bus tracker on the App Store.
Download the Big Owl Bus Tracker on Google Play.


3. Tapingo

Use Tapingo to go.

Skip the line with Tapingo! Download the Tapingo app to place orders on your phone for most of our on-campus restaurants. University Dining uses the Tapingo app to make picking up food orders more convenient than ever—the app connects with your Meal Plan and allows you to pay with your Dining Dollars.

Download Tapingo from the App Store.
Download Tapingo from Google Play.


4. Chorma

Download Chroma to help organize household tasks with roommates.

This free app will encourage your roommate to clean the bathroom so you don’t have to! Chroma is a good app for organizing chore responsibility amongst roommates and could save you from a year of post-it note arguments.

Download Chorma from the App Store.



5. White Noise Lite

Download White Noise Lite.

Shut out your noisy (or snoring) neighbors and get some shuteye. This app helps cancel out the noise, allowing you to relax and fall asleep easily.

Download White Noise Lite from the App Store.
Download White Noise Lite from Google Play.


6. Chooserr

Use the Chooserr app to make group decisions.

Compromising isn’t always easy, so there’s an app for it! Tired of debating over which on-campus restaurant to eat at for lunch? Let Chooserrr select one for you.

Download Chooserrr from the App Store.



7. UpTo

Use UpTo to organize and sync your calendars.

Check out this calendar app that syncs all of your calendars into one and allows you to follow others’ calendars too. This is a great way to keep up with your friends’ and roommates’ class and work schedules.

Download UpTo from the App Store.
Download UpTo from Google Play.


8. Venmo

Use the Venmo app to make payments through your smart phone.

This app makes paying your friends back super easy. You can pay people from the money you have in your Venmo account or link it directly to your bank account. You can also send a bill to your friend, reminding them to pay you back from the time when they conveniently left their wallet in their room.

Download Venmo from the App Store.
Download Venmo from Google Play.


9. StudyStack

Use the StudyStack app to help study for classes.

This app takes flashcards to an entirely new level. It allows you to turn studying into a game, quizzing you though hangman, crossword puzzles, matching games and more. This app even lets you have more than two sides to your flashcards!

Download StudyStack from the App Store.
Download StudyStack from Google Play.


10. Circle of 6

Circle of 6 App

Designate six safe people to notify through the app if you need help. Discreetly share your location and a message to one or more of your six designated people with the click of a couple of buttons. They can respond by calling for help or going to your location to assist. 

Download Circle of Six from the App Store.
Download the Circle of Six app from Google Play.