First-Year Students

2020-21 Housing Application

Waitlist Information

We are now on a waitlist for First-Year housing. To learn more, please visit our 2020-21 Housing Updates page.

The Housing Application for First-Year students opened on December 2, 2019. If you wish to apply to live on-campus, click here to begin your application. Please note that you must be accepted into the university before you are able to apply to live on campus.

Housing Application Checklist
  • Once you have completed the first step of the Housing Application, you will be able to move on to the next steps.
  • The Roommate Selection process is now closed. Students had until April 10 to select a roommate in preparation for the final phase of the applicaiton.
  • Students can now view their time tickets for Room Selection in the Housing Portal. First-Year student time tickets begin on April 27. Time tickets are determined based on when students signed their License Agreement during the first step of the Housing Application.

Housing Application Step-by-Step Guides


Room Selection: Your Questions Answered

    • You can find your Room Selection time ticket in the Housing Portal. Once logged in, select the "2020-21 Application" tab in the gold menu, and you will see a green box with your time ticket.
    • Upper Class time tickets begin on April 20, and First-Year time tickets start on April 27. Time tickets are determined based on when students signed their License Agreement during the first step of the Housing Application, and each student has been assigned a specific time when they may begin Room Selection.
    • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be a room available when your time ticket for Room Selection begins. We encourage each Roommate Group Leader to log in to the Housing Portal when their time ticket opens to pick rooms from what we have available at that time. Remember if you are in a Roommate Group, only your Group Leader is able to select a room.
    • Unfortunately, Roommate Selection ended on Friday, April 10, at 5:00 p.m. You cannot create a Roommate Group at this time, but you can coordinate with other students on your own if you wish to live with someone you know. When your time tickets for Room Selection open, you can attempt to find rooms in the same unit or on the same hallway, depending on what is available. We cannot guarantee this will happen, but with coordination, it is possible.
    • This information is located in two places on the Housing Portal. The first place is on the main "Term Selector" page. Click on "Roommate & Room Selection," and you will see a summary of your group there. It is also listed on the "Roommate Groups" page. The Roommate Group Leader may pass their Group Leader role to the other roommate in the "Group Management" page any time before their Room Selection time ticket begins.
    • No, only Roommate Group Leaders can select beds for the group. This is why it is very important to communicate with your Group Leader about your plans and preferred living locations.
    • The Roommate Group Leader cannot move forward with Room Selection without placing both people from the group in a room.
    • Roommate Selection is not a mandatory step. If you did not match up with someone, you will select a bed for yourself during Room Selection, and you will live with the other students who also select beds within your unit. 
    • No more than two people can be in a Roommate Group. If you are attempting to match up with someone outside of your Roommate Group, you will need to communicate early and often with one another. You may try to live together by communicating which units you have selected to live in so when their time ticket opens, they can attempt to select that same unit.

      If a student chooses the other rooms in your selected unit, it is unacceptable to ask them to cancel their room booking. Room Selection is based on a time ticket system determined by how soon a student completes the first step of the Housing Application. It is unfair to ask someone to give up their current booking to accommodate another student with a later time ticket.

    • If you are a First-Year student, you will only be able to select rooms from the available options for your classification on your assigned campus. Your assigned campus is based on the major you declared when you applied to attend KSU. If you wish to change your major, you can do so in Owl Express. Visit this website for more information on how to do this. Please allow 5 to 10 business days for your major change to be processed.

      If you are an upper class student, you are able to see available upper class beds on either campus.

    • Once you select a room and pay the Room Booking Fee, you will be able to see the other students who selected that unit before you in the Room Selection Summary page on the Housing Portal. You will not receive a notification when other students select beds within your unit after you, but you may log in to the Housing Portal at any time to check. We encourage you to use each student's information provided on the Room Selection summary page to contact your roommates and coordinate who is bringing what shared items before Move-In Day.
    • The Room Selection process is the same. The only difference is that LLC students will only be able to select rooms from those reserved for that particular LLC. For more information about LLCs and to see which communities each LLC can be found, please visit our website.
    • If you are on a waitlist for an LLC and have not yet received an LLC offer, you have two choices.

      Option 1: You may wait for an LLC offer, which we cannot guarantee you will receive, and forego your time ticket to begin Room Selection.

      Option 2: You may begin Room Selection according to your time ticket, which will automatically remove you from the LLC waitlist. 

      If you choose Option 1, you may potentially miss the opportunity to find a room on campus. If you choose Option 2, you will miss the opportunity to live in an LLC. 

      If you have questions about LLCs, please email

    • Our floor plans are useful guides to give you an idea about what your space will look like, but they are not exact. For example, in some units, the bedrooms may be flipped depending on the orientation of the rooms. You may view a virtual tour of each floor plan on our website.
    • Some of our rooms in University Village, University Courtyard and Hornet Village have double occupancy bedrooms, which means there are two beds in one bedroom. We ask Roommate Group Leaders to assign beds (either bed A or B, or the top or bottom bed) during Room Selection to prevent disagreements on Move-In Day.
    • Roommate Group Leaders, students who have a Roommate Group Leader place them into a room and students who are not in a roommate group have 48 hours after selecting or being placed into a room to pay their $175 Room Booking Fee. If you do not pay this fee within 48 hours, your reservation will be dropped, and your room will go back into the available room pool. We encourage you to pay this fee as soon as possible.
    • Before Room Selection, we recommend that you visit our website and carefully explore each community. Review the virtual tours, community and room amenities, and pricing of each option. Communicate with your roommate (if applicable) and make a list of your top three community choices before Room Selection begins, so you know what to look for in the Housing Portal.
      Also, make sure the group member with the earliest time ticket is selected as your Roommate Group Leader. This information is located in two places on the Housing Portal. The first place is on the main “Term Selector” page. Click on “Roommate & Room Selection,” and you will see a summary of your group. It is also listed on the “Roommate Groups” page.
    • If you don’t select a bed and we run out of available rooms, you will need to place yourself on the waitlist. You will not be guaranteed a bed if you do not select one during Room Selection. 
    • If we no longer have rooms available for your gender, classification or campus, we will open a waitlist. Students may add themselves to the waitlist; Housing and Residence Life does not place students on a waitlist automatically. There is no cost to add yourself to a waitlist. If a room becomes available, a Housing staff member will reach out to you via phone or email with an offer for the next available bed we have.

    • To cancel your existing booking in an attempt to book a different room, please email from your KSU student email account with your request. You will be asked to complete a form indicating your acceptance of the terms for cancelling your existing booking. If you are part of a roommate group, making this request will dissolve your roommate group, and you will NOT be able to join or create another one. Please note that the room you hope to select may not be available once your booking is cancelled and you are able to log back in to select a new room.
    • Since our housing options are limited and space will fill quickly, we advise you to prioritize finding a room on campus above attempting to live with others outside your Roommate Group. We cannot guarantee that there will be units available for groups of 3 to 4 people when your time tickets open. Room Selection is based upon availability, and we have a high demand for housing but cannot accommodate everyone who wishes to live on campus.


Housing Application Fees

Application Initiation Fee Update

Beginning on April 27, 2020, new first-year students applying for housing will not be prompted to pay the $200 Application Initiation Fee. If students are able to select a room, they will pay $375 total which will cover the application initiation fee ($200) and room booking fee ($175). 

  • Type of Student
    Non-Refundable Application Initiation Fee
    Room Booking Fee
    Total Due
  • First-Time, Full-Time Student
    $200 due at the completion of the Housing Application
    $175 due to confirm room selection once the student has selected a room

Housing Options

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Living-Learning Communities

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A Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a community of students who live together on campus with similar academic, or lifestyle interests.

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Marietta Live-On Requirement

Living on campus in your first year improves your likelihood for success in college and beyond. Living on campus makes it easier to meet people, helps you transition from high school to college, and can help you achieve academic success and graduate on time.

Housing and Residence Life at Kennesaw State University is committed to supporting first-year students in their academic pursuits. The Marietta Campus has a first-year live-on requirement for students pursuing majors based on the Marietta campus. Kennesaw State University believes it is in the best interest of these students to live in close proximity to their peers and primary course instruction for the first year of college. For specific information on majors based in Marietta, please visit the enrollment services page

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Housing and Residence Life at Kennesaw State University, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some of the questions we're asked most often.