2020-21 Housing Updates

2020-21 Housing Waitlist

We are now on a waitlist for the following populations:

  • Female First-Year Students on the Kennesaw Campus
  • Male First-Year Students on the Kennesaw Campus
  • Female First-Year Students on the Marietta Campus
  • Male First-Year Students on the Marietta Campus
  • Female Upper Class Students on the Kennesaw Campus 
  • Male Upper Class Students on the Kennesaw Campus 
  • Female Upper Class Students on the Marietta Campus 
  • Male Upper Class Students on the Marietta Campus 

While we no longer have housing available for your gender and classification, each year, we place hundreds of students from the waitlist into on-campus housing. Students can place themselves on a waitlist on the Housing Portal. If a room becomes available, one of our staff members will send the student an email and will also call with an offer. The student will have 48 hours to accept the offer. After 48 hours, we will offer the assignment to the next person on the waitlist. Students can see their place on the waitlist anytime by looking on the front page of the Housing Portal. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Talon One Service Center.

Housing and Residence Life is continuing to place students on the waitlist as quickly as beds become available. Starting July 31, Housing will take a two-week pause in placing students from the waitlist into on-campus housing until after Move-In concludes on August 15. At that time, Housing will resume placing students into rooms based on their placement on the waitlist as quickly as possible until all beds are full for the Fall 2020 semester. If students have the flexibility to live at home and commute to campus until we are able to offer you a room, we encourage you to do so. If you do not have this flexibility and need to find housing close to campus before classes begin, you are able to explore your off campus housing options. Adult and Commuter Student Affairs is a great resource for students looking for off-campus housing.

  • You must wait until your Room Selection time ticket opens to add yourself to a waitlist, and you will only be able to add yourself to a waitlist once we reach a waitlist for your population (classification, campus and gender).

    First-Year Students: You will only be able to see one option for you to choose based on your classification, campus and gender.

    Upper Class Students: You must place yourself on either the Kennesaw or Marietta Campus waitlist. You cannot add yourself to both.

  • Since we have reached a waitlist for the Marietta Campus, Housing and Residence Life will grant exemptions to the Live-On Requirement should your student not wish to place themselves on a waitlist. Click here for more information about the Live-On Requirement and to complete the exemption form.
  • You must wait until your time ticket opens to add yourself to the waitlist. The waitlist will only be an option if no beds are available for your campus, classification and gender.

  • We will continue placing students from the waitlist until we have no more rooms to offer. Traditionally, this occurs in the first or second week of September.

  • If you have completed Step 1, you are held to the License Agreement that you signed during this step, including cancellation fees that may apply if you decide to cancel.

Click here to find answers to more frequently asked questions about the waitlist.


Changes to Howell Hall for 2020-21

  • In an effort to better support the new Kennesaw State University students who need on-campus housing, we will allocate a number of spaces in University Courtyard and Hornet Village 100 to first-year students.
    • Certain students in these particular communities will not be eligible to renew their same space for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 academic year. However, they are eligible to reserve any other available room.
  • Howell Hall will be taken offline to undergo a significant upgrade. This means we will be losing almost 300 beds for first-year students.
    • This change does not affect students currently living in Howell Hall. They will continue to have their room assignments until the end of their lease in May and will be able to apply to live in upper class housing when the application opens on January 3, 2020 at 2:00 PM.
  • There are a limited number of upper class student beds available on the Marietta Campus and students impacted by this change will have first priority to select beds as soon as they become available. 

Students that did not receive an email from Housing and Residence Life are not affected by this change. All upper class students will be able to renew or apply for housing on January 3, 2020 at 2:00 PM.

  • Our same-bed renewal process will run through the end of January 2020. Once that process is complete, we will know exactly which beds will be available. These beds will not be available for selection until April of 2020, but we will be happy to provide you with as much information as we can so you can make an informed decision.​
  • Due to the limited number of spaces available, we advise you to complete your housing application as soon as it opens on Friday, January 3. We will issue timeslots for you to select from the available rooms based on the date/time you complete your application. You will not pay any application fees unless you are able to secure a room for 2020-21.
  • It is highly unlikely we will be able to accommodate roommate pairings for 2020-21. However, we will do everything we can to place roommates with or near one another, if possible.
  • Specific units in Hornet Village 100 and University Courtyard 1000, 2000 and 3000 and University Columns Houses. This change only applies to students who received communication from Housing and Residence Life.