Hornet Village

Hornet Village is located on the west part of the Marietta Campus. There are two types of suites in Hornet Village: singe suites and double suites. Single suites house two people and provide a private bedroom to each student. Double suites house four people and provide a shared bedroom to each student. Each suite has its own bathroom and shower. Hornet Village opened in 2010 and is a first-year only community.


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Floor Plans


    • Fully furnished bedrooms
    • Extra-long twin-size bed included in each bedroom
    • Bathroom and shower inside each suite shared with 1 or 3 other people
    • Private bedrooms available in our single suites
    • WiFi
    • Large lounge space on first floor with couches and big screen TV
    • Quiet study rooms on each floor
    • Multiple gaming rooms on each floor

    Number of Floors Per Building: 4
    Average Number of Units Per Floor: 22 to 24
    Elevator(s) in Building: Yes

    • Engaged Residents with Global Origins (E.R.G.O.)
    • Engineering
    • Honors

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