What is a Living-Learning Village?

A Living-Learning Village (LLV) is a community of students who live together on campus, with similar academic, personal or lifestyle interests. These students live in the same section of a housing community to create deeper connections. Residents in LLVs have a more in-depth experience related to the major or theme for the LLV.

Who can live in a Living-Learning Village?

All students who apply to live on campus are eligible to apply to live in an LLV. There are some LLVs that are connected to a specific major or are only available to certain classifications (e.g., First-Year or Upper Class students). We offer a variety of LLVs to choose from and welcome students to apply who:

  • Want to build and participate in a welcoming community
  • Seek to get more out of their on-campus living experience
  • Desire to learn more about themselves and their peers

Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing (SIH) is available for student groups who require specific housing arrangements as part of their involvement with Kennesaw State University.

  • Athletics – Kennesaw Campus
  • Graduate Students – Kennesaw Campus
  • "The Marching Owls" – Kennesaw Campus
  • Veterans – Kennesaw and Marietta Campus

If you are interested in collaborating with Housing and Residence Life to create a Living-Learning Village, please contact us at livinglearning@kennesaw.edu.