Student Employment and Involvement

  • Resident Assistants

    Residential Assistants RAs pose on some stairs.

    Resident Assistants are student leaders, who live on your floor or in your building. They are there to help and build community. They offer social and academic programs, serve as a resource, and help maintain reasonable standards of community citizenship. To learn more about becoming a Resident Assitant, please visit our Resident Assistant webpage.

    • National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

      National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)Honoring the top 1% of residential student leaders, the National Residence Hall Honorary is the only nationwide honorary organization that exclusively recognizes leaders in the residence halls. The KSU chapter of NRHH is called the Beta Gamma chapter, and all members must have at least a 3.0 GPA to be considered for membership. The foundation is based upon two values of recognition and service.

    • Of The Month (OTMs) and Peach Awards

      A group of HRL emloyees posed together at the Kennesaw Campus gazebo.Want to show recognition for an RA, student, or program? Submitting an Of the Month (OTM) nomination is the perfect way to do so! The OTM process is overseen by NRHH and allows students, faculty, and staff to show recognition towards outstanding students and programs. Complete the form below to submit a nomination! The deadline for all submissions is the 1st of the month for the preceding month.

      Did you submit an Of The Month (OTM)? If so the Peach Award process is very similar! Let's celebrate the amazing things we're doing here in Georgia! PEACH AWARDS were created to promote recognition of outstanding achievement within residence halls among all Georgia Colleges and Universities. Peach Award Nominations are due on the fifth of every month for the previous month. Example: Nominations for August Peach Awards are due by September 5.

    • Residence Hall Association

      Five RHA members lying on their backs, all of their heads in the middle.

      Residence Hall Association (RHA) exists to serve the needs of residents through advocacy and programming. Each on-campus community has a Community Council, of elected officers that report up to RHA. The Community Councils serve as the primary voice of the residents within that community. RHA is the voice of all residents across campus to Housing and Residence Life and other parties interested in matters affecting the quality of life of residential students.