Owl Expedition

Students in Owl Expedition touring the Kennesaw Campus.

This page is for students who will be participating in Owl Expedition at Kennesaw State University. Housing and Residence Life is proud to support Owl Expedition by allowing their students to move in early for fall 2019. Please read all the information below to answer any questions you might have.

Move-In Day and Time: Monday, August 12, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Move-In Location:

Kennesaw Campus Residents: University Village Center (6000 Building)

Marietta Campus Residents: Housing and Residence Life Office (Building R10)

Please visit the Move-In webpage for more information. 

We have received a lot of concerns from students who want to make sure they are on the early Move-In list. Everything from this point forward is being driven by your registration to participate in Owl Expedition. Please see the chart below to determine your individual situation and what you need to do to get on the early Move-In list:

  • I Am...
    I Need To...
  • A student who has a confirmed housing reservation and want to let housing know I am going to Owl Expedition and need an early move-in.
    Register for Owl Expedition prior to July 25. Housing will receive a list on July 26 and will contact you regarding your early move-in.
  • A student who does not have a housing reservation and I am on the housing waitlist.
    Register for Owl Expedition before to July 25. If you receive a housing assignment prior to July 25, we will contact you regarding your early move-in.
  • A student who does not have a housing reservation and I am not on the housing waitlist.
    Visit the Housing Portal, start an application and get on the waitlist ASAP. Please register for Owl Expedition before to July 25.

Once you register for Owl Expedition, you will be tagged as a student needing an early move-in. Our office will you contact you with more specific move-in information after July 25.

**Please note that moving in early for Owl Expedition means that a $200 early arrival fee will be billed to your student account. Students participating in Owl Expedition are not required to move in early if they do not want to pay the fee and will be assigned a regular Move-In time. This fee must be paid in accordance with the payment deadlines set by Kennesaw State University.**

As you move into your fall assignment, we may still be working in your unit to prepare the additional bedrooms for future occupants. Once you move in, you may not allow any other roommates to enter the unit who are not approved. If you are found to be in violation of this, you will be asked to vacate your bedroom until the official Move-In dates as published by our department and you may also be charged a fee.