If you have a maintenance request, please log into the Housing Portal. Click on the "Maintenance" tab at the top and follow the instructions to enter a work order.

Emergency vs Routine Work Order:

  • Emergency: Flooding, power outage, fire, etc.
  • Routine: Light bulb out, garbage disposal not working, thermostat not working, etc.

Laundry Maintenance

All washers and dryers on campus are owned and operated by CSC Serviceworks, a third-party company. If you are experiencing issues with the washing machine or dryer inside your apartment, please create a work order through the CSC Serviceworks app:

  1. Download the free CSC Serviceworks Service app
  2. Once in the app, scan the bar code on the front of your machine
  3. Request service for your machine

If you have any questions, please stop by your community's Housing Office and speak to the Facility Coordinator.

Dumpster Locations

Please dispose all garbage in your community's dumpsters to help keep our communities clean and pest-free. Do not leave trash outside doors and in the hallways, even temporarily. Find your community's dumpster locations using the maps below.